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February 13, 2016



Why Join SAA?

Becoming a member of the Student Alumni Association (SAA) is your first step in a lifelong relationship with Iowa State University.  SAA will enhance your college experience, allow you to interact with ISU alumni, and save you money when you take advantage of the 90+ discounts that come with your membership!

Being an SAA member gets you a first glimpse of all the benefits that the ISU Alumni Association offers while you’re still in school.  Think of it as a test-run before joining the Alumni Association after you graduate.  Join now and take advantage of the same great benefits and services offered to ISU alumni!

With over 5,800 members, join now and be part of the largest student organization on campus!  We also have the largest student membership in the Big 12 and we are one of the largest in the country!

As an SAA member you’ll enjoy:

• ISU traditions t-shirt
• Calendar
• Unlimited access to over 90 discounts
• Opportunities to socialize with other students and ISU alumni through networking activities
• Access to use the Online Alumni Directory to connect with ISU alumni. It’s a great way to find a job or an internship
• The pride of being the largest student organization at ISU and the largest student membership program in the Big 12!

The best part is that being in SAA is only $20 each year including grad school! And that money can be applied as a credit to a life membership into the ISU Alumni Association upon graduation.

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